St. Peter's School visits

As it happens each of our three churches has an especially unusual and remarkable story to tell and each one draws visitors from this country and from abroad. We'd certainly be delighted to tell you more if you are interested.    

But most importantly we are members of God's worldwide family living in the strength and love of Jesus Christ in our particular corner of north east Sunderland.

to the Parish of Monkwearmouth!

Rev'd Dick Bradshaw

Team Rector

 Three churches, one Parish - all you ever wanted to know about St. Andrew's, St. Peter's and All Saints...

‚ÄčA very warm welcome

Whether you are needing specific information or merely browsing we hope that you will find this website useful and user-friendly and able to find the answers you are looking for quickly and effectively.


As a group of three churches in the "Church of England" tradition we are a bunch of ordinary people who meet each week to give thanks to God, find peace and strength in him and do our best to serve the needs of those around us in our daily lives.

So whether you are wanting to book a wedding or a baptism, looking for a church to join or simply wanting to ask questions about life, God, the universe and everything we hope you will find a helpful start here. If you need to know more please don't hesitate to ask!

What We Do 

The Church of England in Monkwearmouth is committed to showing the love of Jesus to all people in the Parish - not just those who come to one of our churches...

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