‘Start! encouraged me and my wife to read and understand the Bible. I have now been baptised and am part of the church family.’ Robert, 38, Dundee

‘Start! is a brilliant introduction to the Christian faith.’ Paul, Co Antrim 

‘Start! has given me confidence in my faith.’ Mae, 70, Dundee

‘The interactive nature of Start!, the creative use of video and the fact it was only a six week commitment made it easy to invite people on the course.’ The Rev David Keen, Yeovil


Some describe life as a puzzle – and a lucky few enjoy the life of Riley.

Or you could picture it like a seaside theme park featuring:

● a roller-coaster – full of ups and downs

● a merry-go-round – always spinning, going nowhere

● a stick of candyfloss – looks great, but doesn’t add up to much

● a view from a deckchair as you watch the world go by.

If you’ve got questions about life and the Christian faith and are looking for answers, then why not make a Start!

Start! is a six-session course designed to help people discover the basics of the Christian faith.

Normally run in groups of up to ten people, and based in somebody's home, each session involves watching a couple of short DVD programmes, followed by time to talk, listen and ask questions. Sessions last roughly eighty minutes.


The venue for the next session will be confirmed shortly - please keep checking back for updates!


If you would like more information, or to book a place on the next course, there are a few ways of letting us know:

● Email CanIAsk@monkwearmouthcofe.com

● Text 07753 116621

● Tweet @MonkwearmouthCE, using #start

● Find us on Facebook


We look forward to making a new Start with you!.