A couple of years ago, St. Andrew's began a new service format called 'Celebrate'.  The Celebrate Service is held on the first Sunday of each month, often in the Priestman Hall, attached to St. Andrew's Church.  Seating is arranged in an informal way, such as 'cafe style' with several chairs around tables.  It is non-Eucharist (that is, there is no Holy Communion) and the aim is that the service, which begins at 10 am, lasts no more than forty minutes.  Refreshments are available from 9.30 am and continue after the conclusion of worship.  People are encouraged to chat and get to know each other better and we have an opportunity to welcome newcomers.

The music is often contemporary or has more of a 'chorus' feel rather than traditional hymns.  This is led by the Music Group and/or backing tracks.  The overhead projector screen and visuals, film clips and words for the songs is normally used.

If you want to find out more 

If you are just beginning your journey to becoming a Christian and want guidance on how to pray take a look at our Prayer page.

Service Dates

Our next Celebrate Service is on Sunday, 3rd February, 2019  with refreshments from 9.30 am then the service starts at 1o am. We meet in the Priestman Hall, St. Andrew's Church, Talbot Road, Roker, Sunderland.

Anyone is welcome to join us regardless of background, lifestyle or circumstances and we will chat, discuss, pray and sing together as we worship the Lord.

Please accept this invitation to come and join us as we gather together in Jesus' name.

Celebrate services are put together and led by teams of people from the St. Andrew's Worship Group (anyone is very welcome to join!), with support from a member of clergy who will take a greater or lesser role 'up front' on any given 'Celebrate' Sunday.

​The Church of England has encouraged churches to venture into more informal ways of worshipping, that is without reference to a set of formal, written words and traditional music/hymns although these do continue to be used and enjoyed in other services. However, liturgy, hymns and church organs don't suit everyone and many people who have never experienced church worship before can find the hymns and orders of service, which many do hold dear, inaccessible and excluding.  With this in mind our Parish decided to widen the range of services available to encourage all kinds of people - young and old - to sample our services and find a format that suits them.

 As well as the Celebrate service we also have the XALT service (see the XALT page). Both of these services are shorter in length than the more formal services and clergy do not wear their robes and the atmosphere is more relaxed. There is no Holy Communion at these services.

 If you are interested in finding out more about God and Christianity these services are ideal for you!  If it is your first time attending Church don't worry, you will be warmly welcomed. There will be no pressure to do anything other than sit and enjoy the service.  After the service if you have any questions to ask you can have a coffee and a chat with the vicar or members of the congregation but if you just want to leave and have a think about what you've seen and heard that's fine - we won't chase after you and drag you back!  We hope that you will like what you see and hear and choose to come back and visit us again!