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Be the answer to Nejebar's prayer this Christian Aid Week.

Find out what Christian Aid are doing right now in Nepal, and how your money makes a huge difference

Nepal Earthquake

Nejebar doesn’t have a safe place to call home

Nejebar fled Afghanistan with her family after the Taliban threatened to kill her husband, Noor, who was a teacher. It wasn’t an idle threat - the Taliban first blinded, then murdered, another member of their family.

‘The last days and weeks in Afghanistan were the hardest,’ says Noor. ‘When I went to work, my heart was beating harder. I didn’t know if my family were going to be alive when I got back.’

Nejebar’s family are stuck in Greece

When the family arrived at the refugee camp in Greece, they thought they would only stay for 10 days. But they’ve been there six months now and there’s no end in sight.

The only protection they have against the wind and rain is their tent. There’s no school for their children. Five-year-old Sudai, their youngest, is ill, but Nejebar and Noor don’t know what’s wrong with him because they can’t communicate with the camp’s doctor, who is Greek.

Please help Nejebar and her family

​​​Parish Events to Support Christian Aid Week  2018

In Monkwearmouth Parish we hold a number of events to raise funds and awareness for Christian Aid. Please try and come along to any or all of them, give generously, and pray for the vital work of this organisation and its supporters. Thank you.

This year fundraising for the 2018 Christian Aid Week took place during Lent. If you wish to hold your own Big Brekkie fundraising event please visit the Christian Aid website (www.christianaid.org.uk/big-brekkie‎) to obtain more information and obtain your fundraising kit.