Operation Christmas Child is the world's largest Christmas project, run by the Christian charity Samaritan's Purse.  We have been sending gift-filled shoeboxes around the world since 1990, bringing joy and the hope of Jesus Christ into the lives of over 100 million underprivileged children... 

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Operation Christmas Child

Faith in Communities - one for the basket - providing food for families in need

The One for the Basket food parcel initiative was launched to supply food to families struggling to feed themselves.

The One for the Basket food parcel initiative is led by the faith communities in the city and supported by organisations including Sunderland Partnership and the City Council. The scheme sees people donating food from their routine shop, and was launched at Sunderland Minster by Sheila Bamber, Canon Provost of Sunderland, and Sunderland Mayor Councillor Iain Kay in 2012. Also at the launch were representatives of other community and faith groups.

One for the Basket is an extension of the work carried out by the Faith in Communities cluster group, who explored ways in which faith leaders could contribute more to the wellbeing of their communities.

There are a host of reasons why individuals and families require an emergency food parcel to tide them over, including benefit changes resulting in delayed payments, problems arising from losing a job, low income, sickness, homelessness and getting into debt.

Shoppers are asked to shop twice, once for themselves and secondly for others in the city who may be in need. An easy way to donate is to give the ‘extra’ item from ‘buy one get one free’ or ‘three for two’ offers which can make it easier on the pocket and simpler for everyone to donate. Gifts of food can be anything with a long shelf life such as tinned products or packets and boxes of dried foods, toilet rolls, soap etc.

Food poverty is an emerging problem in the city and this scheme is a way for people to help their neighbours.

If you would like to donate food items please place your gift in the box at the back of the Church.  The food must be non-perishable and have a long shelf life.  Toilet rolls, soap, cleaning products would also be appreciated.


Tearfund is a Christian organisation (the 'Tear' part of the name coming from the first letter of the words "The Evangelical Alliance Relief Fund Committee") which was founded in 1968. Tearfund's motto is "Following Jesus where the need is greatest". An early and continuing supporter of Tearfund is Sir Cliff Richard who has donated the proceeds of a number of his concerts (including his 50th anniversary concert at the Wembley Arena) to Tearfund.

Tearfund works directly with local groups, including churches, helping people in some of the most difficult situations in the world including natural disasters and emergencies following atrocities such as the Rwandan genocide.  By 2007, Tearfund had teams working in Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Afghanistan, Liberia, Darfur, Indonesia and Kenya, caring for people affected by conflicts and natural disasters.

In 2014, Tearfund began partnering with Nvader, a New Zealand based charity working to free women and children from sex trafficking.

Monkwearmouth Parish has been supporting the work of Tearfund for a number of years.

How can I help?

You can help by joining the 92,246 other generous supporters who financially supported the work of Tearfund last year.  83 pence in every pound is spent on life-changing work with some of the poorest people on earth.  Whether it's responding to disaster, enabling communities to defeat poverty by helping to develop clean water supplies, repair buildings or start up a basic business to provide for families, or to change unjust policies.

If you want to find out more about Tearfund and how you can help write to: Tearfund, 100 Church Road, Teddington, TW11 8QE or tel: 0208 977 9144 or email: info@tearfund.org or Click on the button below

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