All start at 6.30 pm

We meet in the Vestry Meeting Room at All Saints' Church, Fulwell, Sunderland.

10th March

14th April

Further dates will be posted shortly.

Please come along and join us.

​If you are just beginning your journey as a Christian and not sure how to pray (though there is no right or wrong way) and would like to see how others do it then please visit our Prayer page for help.

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EXCITING CHANGES TO XALT - Xalt has moved to All Saints'! 

Xalt now takes place at All Saints’ Church in the Vestry Meeting Room.  This is for a number of reasons, not least of which is that St Andrew’s is a big and cold building in the dark winter months, but it’s principally to enable worship to develop and to create a more intimate worship experience, which again is difficult at St Andrew’s given its size and having the constraints of being seated formally in pews.  No doubt the physical warmth will contribute to the warming of hearts too!

The format will remain pretty much unchanged although the way things are set up in a room will inevitably be different to a church context.  Maybe, with the change of venue, it would be a good time to come along and dip into a different style of worship, which you might find you enjoy.  A further reason for the change of venue is that several people who come along to Xalt have expressed a desire to meet together in a different format.  To facilitate this GATHER2GETHER is being created, which will meet regularly on the second Sunday of the month, in other words between the two Xalt Sundays, and will again be held at All Saints’.

It must be stressed that GATHER2GETHER isn’t Xalt mark two or part b.  There’s no expectation that people who currently come along to Xalt will also be coming to GATHER2GETHER or that people who currently don’t come along to Xalt can’t come along to GATHER2GETHER.  It’s simply that GATHER2GETHER is a kind of spin off from Xalt and whilst there is an obvious connection they are nevertheless two quite different kinds of gatherings.  So, again, if you are looking to try something new then GATHER2GETHER might be the start you’ve been looking for.  Please do come along and join us on the 2nd Sunday of each month (please check below in case meetings are cancelled) commencing at 6.30 pm and for not much more than 90 minutes together, then there's a chance for a coffee/tea and a chat.

GATHER2GETHER  sow ∙ water ∙ reap

So, what will GATHER2GETHER be?  Well, the choice of an ‘identity’ is a deliberate attempt not to label or constrain too tightly what these ‘gatherings’ might come to be.  It would’ve been easy to name it a particular type of group such as a Bible study, prayer, ministry, healing, encouragement, listening or accountability group.  And as such, at any particular ‘gathering’ it might be all of these things or something else completely!  So, it’s very much about beginning a journey of discovery and seeing what the Holy Spirit wants to bring to birth amongst those who GATHER2GETHER.  It is hoped the words sow, water and reap will reflect the divine and human dimensions to our journey of discipleship, as well as the organic and mysterious nature of growth in the natural world, which we see similarly reflected in the spiritual realm.  If you feel drawn into this adventure, then come along!



All start at 6.30 pm.  

We meet at All Saints' Church, Fulwell, Sunderland in the Vestry Meeting Room.

3rd March

​17th March

7th April

21st April (Easter Day)

Further dates will be posted soon.

Please come along and join us - a warm welcome awaits you.